Singapore’s IDA and MDA will merge to form IMDA

Just a few days ago, Singapore announced that Singapore’s Info-comm Development Authority (IDA) and the Media Development Authority (MDA) are heading towards a merger, to better position the nation to seize new opportunities in the converging media and info-comm space.

This merger between the two authorities will form the Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) in the second half of this year, with effect April 2016.

In August 2015, the Info-comm Media Master plan was launched to chart out ways that technology will be used to transform how Singaporean live, learn, work and play through 2025. With this 10-year plan outlined by the authorities, driverless vehicles, underground data centers, and home-integrated sensors are just some of the ideas how media and info-comm interests have become intertwined.
The new IMDA will implement the Info-comm Media Masterplan.”The plan, which was developed in partnership with industry players, also recognizes the potential of info-comm media to power the digital transformation of our economy, to revitalize and renew our service and manufacturing industries, and to effect the digital transformation of government services,” Dr. Yaacob added. (as extracted from “Straits Times” report)
This newly formed entity will highlight the capacities to get an Infocomm media sector that is converged to safeguard consumer interests. IMDA will continue with plans to amend the Broadcasting Act.Privacy watchdog the Personal Data Protection Commission will come under IMDA to ensure that consumers’ data is protected even as their data is being analyzed for, say, targeted marketing to drive business goals.
That is to say, we will definitely be expecting many more changes to the way we run our business. Are you be ready for change? Time to innovate your business with new media and technology. If you have yet to leverage technology to help you boost your business operations, now is the time to transform your business.
The government agencies along with IMDA has rolled out multiple schemes to help SMEs offset some of the qualifying costs for tapping into technological solutions. We have shortlisted some government grants and assistance which are just appropriate for all qualifying SMEs in Singapore step up their game for continuing growth.
Get ready for the next wave of business transformation and technological innovation.