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An organisation who endeavours to help even small brands to shine.

‘Mercado’ means marketplace in Spanish.

Crown Mercado – literally meaning crowning marketplace which speaks about our vision. We believe every business big or small has the potential to shine and be the authority in their industries.

We aspire to help organisations and SME businesses to grow and increase their sales revenues by accelerating their social transformation and create brand preference that produces long term loyalty to their brands.

With our methodology and customised Inbound Marketing strategy, we attract potentials as new leads and convert them into buying customers. In addition to tools and systems, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Automated Marketing, Social Engagements and Brand Monitoring, we keep customers delighted that produce loyal customers and brand ambassadors to speak for their brands, in turn bring on new leads and the cycle goes on. A proven marketing strategy for brand/ business sustainability.

We use digital marketing tools loved by over 10 million people around the globe and trusted by more than 800 of the Fortune 1000. These tools are able to execute business strategies for the social media era and scale social media activities across multiple teams, departments, and regions. This is a versatile platform that supports a thriving ecosystem of social networks complemented by 200+ business applications and integrations, allowing organisations to extend social media into existing systems and programs –  the solution and digital tools for businesses who desire to grow and scale up.

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Your Outsourced Marketing
Integrated Marketing Approach

Outsourced marketing, an alternative solution to all organisations.

Many organisations may not have sufficient resources to own a marketing department or faces tight resources to develop new niche even if they do own one. Yet marketing is an essential need and constant for every enterprise to stay competitive, grow and increase their sales revenue in this ever evolving global economy.

We work hand in hand with organisations of all sizes to streamline their marketing needs by coming up with an integrated holistic solution. Outsource your marketing to us as we make things simpler for you with a fully integrated one-stop approach from market research, analysis, strategy to implementation.  No more of a need to manage multiple parties, vendors or freelancers.

Crownmercado can be your ‘Marketing Department’ for only a fraction of the cost to ease your overheads and resources. 

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Maximise assistance, minimise risks.

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